Greg works with financial advisors, insurance producers and CPAs’ providing unique concepts and bold strategies to solve real world problems. He helps his clients identify and capitalize on opportunities while at the same time providing superior service throughout the entire sales cycle.  Whether its long term care planning, a quick term policy or putting together a buy sell agreement, he has in depth product knowledge and the real world experience to relate to every situation. Greg is a central California native, he studied business and economics at Auburn University, then went on to obtain his MBA at CSU Channel Islands in southern California. During his studies he worked as a journeyman engine builder and machinist where he learned the importance of doing things right the first time and how crucial the minor details are.

He has proven time and time again to be a reliable, responsive and creative strategic partner to financial professionals in all 50 states. He can go to lengths others won’t, to find revenue others can’t. He prides himself on building meaningful and profitable relationships with everyone he works with.

Greg currently lives in Ventura California and in his free time you can find him hunting, fishing at the park with his dogs or spending time with his fiancé.


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